Sara Brooke Continues to get better and better

While we were searching for other writers to read, our precious Sara has done it again. Take a look and maybe even give the gift of Christmas cheer with one of her books… She continues to amaze me with all her hard work and effort on her way to notoriety.

Gooooo Sara….

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New Year, New Goals

Hey everyone, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus since my daughter was born in July last year. She’s now six months and is almost as needy as twins ^_^ She may be a handful but such a little joy to have around. She does make it a little hard to work though. I was able to recently finish a story this year. I’m setting a goal of getting at least 10 of my stories finished and published this year. The one I just finished is currently in the editing process so I’m hoping to get it published soon. When it is published I’ll post a little description and links to where you can get it. Thanks for reading everyone


Write down the thoughts of the moment.  Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable.  ~Francis Bacon

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It’s halloweenie month!!!

It’s that time of year! My favorite season has begun! I like to put out pumpkins and let the cobwebs grow in the house to look spooooooookie! hehehehehehehe…. (my poor attempt at humor.)  I don’t get many trick or treater’s  at my house, but this year, I am going to invade my best friends house and hand out candy to the ghost and goblins… wahahahahahahaha!

My latest work has been published. ‘Lone Wolfe’ is listed on my page. Look up Terri Louise or hit this link It’s based on a true story. I wrote it after the death of one of my best friends, Mr. Bill.  He left us suddenly at the end of July, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about him. He was a good man, on his terms, always. He was a motor cycling fiend, that took trips at a whim. And this year, he finished up some of his bucket list items, and made it to Sturgis during their motorcycle frenzy. He was overwhelmed with his visit to Mt. Rushmore and awed by the carving of the mountain of Crazy Horse. He finished the summer season going to a friend’s house in North Idaho and relaxed the days away among friends.

A last for the day, winter is coming. Our peaks have snow on them and we are all preparing like squirrels filling our cache. So, find the warm gloves and the fuzzy slippers. It’s time to get out a good book and read the cold nights away.

On October 8th, I will be on a blog radio show! I forgot!! So sorry. As soon as I know the link, I will let you know…. hear you there!!! hahahahahaha

Take care of yourself and have a great day!!

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In the Editing Stages

Hi everyone! I am pleased to report that I finally finished my first fiction story. I am currently in the editing stages but I’m just proud that I finally finished writing something. I haven’t done that since middle school, and I have at least ten stories I’m writing all at once. And actually finishing the story was a miracle since I have a seven week old who wants my attention all the time, because she’s eating me alive lol. I’m really hoping this story goes well. I’ve been looking through it myself to see what I want to change and so far every page I’ve reread has marks all over it. Maybe I’ll never be really finished lol. Oh well, I’ll just have to push forward and try to make it the best I can!

On another note, my five year old stepson started kindergarten last week, and everything was going great until Thursday when he was playing outside and a wasp stung him on his nose close to his left eye. He had to come home early, and luckily he’s not allergic. My husband and I had no idea if he was or not, which is why he came home. Now we’re just waiting for the three year old to get stung to see if she’s allergic. I know there’s probably a better way to tell but I always have children’s benadryl just in case.


All my best thoughts were stolen by the ancients.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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July was probably the hardest month of my life. As I am building a career in writing, I had some personal friends pass away. And to make those times even harder, they occurred during the birth of my first granddaughter. I have two wonderful step grandchildren, and I wouldn’t trade them for a million sweet tarts, but this was the birth of the first for me. Special and unique, ten toes and bright blue eyes and all. My little Mack attack came screaming into this life as my childhood friend, Stephanie, passed into the light.

I woke the next morning wore out and strung out from all the coffee and my sister called and read me the newspaper. After I verified with Steph’s best friends, I was sat on the edge of the bed and cried. I had known her since we were in second grade. Funny and smart, talented and beautiful, she had had some hard times, but prevailed, and was finding her way out. A car accident took her from us. Several of my child hood chums carpooled to the funeral and we stayed to talk with one another afterwards. We are going to try and get together once a month and stay in touch. Facebook has been a blessing for things like this.

A week before that, my little Katy… a sweet childhood neighbor passed from an aneurysm. She was 37. My sisters best friend, someone I grew up with and babysat on a regular basis. We raised hell together, played in the creeks, road bikes, jumped on trampolines and had many holidays with. My poor Katy is gone and leaves behind three children. My heart just aches for her mom and her kids. Her brother was one of her best friends, and his wife… she hung with Katy almost as soon as she knew her. They were friends before they were sister in-laws. My what a month. And it didn’t end there.

One of my best friends passed as well. Mr. Bill was a big part of my life and having him gone just rips the very fabric that holds me together. So… I won’t be myself for a while as I heal from all this tragedy.

We laid Mr. Bill to rest a little over a week ago. I put my big girl panties on and spoke to a wonderful gathering of friends. I blubbered my way through in hopes that somewhere he knew that I did what I promised. For a year and a half ago, as I wrote ‘Coffee of Change’ he lay in ICU with heart problems. I would write and then read it to him. He would sleep some more and I would write. And when he woke, I would read the next few pages to him. He told me I would be a success some day. I told him I already was. Because I had great friends like him. He got serious in amongst that week and he made me promise to take care of things. I told him I would. And in the back of my mind, I was hoping that I would never have to do any of this.

Fast forward to July 30th. I hadn’t heard from him in days and I couldn’t get in touch. His phone just rang and his cell went to voice mail. No one had heard from him and I knew. I asked my mom and dad and they hadn’t heard anything either. So, my dad and brother went down on the 31st.  My mom called me with the news and I dropped to the floor. My body was still walking around, but my soul collapsed in the living room, rocking back and forth…. wailing.

We were all in shock! And some where in there, my mom called his son. We began planning and coordinating. And some how, we managed to get his home cleaned out and put together a nice service. My Bill was not what you would say, a straight shooter. But he had good values and strong morals. His friends were from low places and expensive rollers. He just could get along with all walks of life. He knew they put their pants on one leg at a time and made sure they all knew that too.

We had some nice letters from folks read by the preacher and we played Johnny Cash and Garth Brooks.  Then I made my crying friend speech and his son spoke last. He told an awesome story of a day of golf and how poor Erik had to impress some corporate folks in the days coming. Mr. Bill shot straight and clean, with clubs that should not have been used. And Erik sliced and diced the ball, if he hit it at all. When it was all said and done, Erik broke the club over his knee and threw it in the water feature and Bill dropped to the ground, LAUGHING! We ended with Steppenwolfe’s ‘Born to be wild’, for he loved his motorcycle and we ate until our bellies were full and our spirit a bit healed.

The lesson that day…. Bill taught his son to not let things get to him. Let life come and enjoy…. no matter what. And Erik learned his dad was a heck of a golfer….even in Levi’s and tennis shoes.

Me? Well…. I took to the pages of the computer and started a book about my times with Mr. Bill. It’s currently at the editor and with Erik. When it gets back, I will publish it. It helped me get through the last week. It’s been 22 days with out him and life is less entertaining than what it used to be and I miss my Mr. Bill.

–Terri Louise

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Hey everyone, I haven’t posted in quite a while. I’ll catch you up on what’s been going on this summer. So far it’s been going way too quickly. My five year old is starting kindergarten soon and I my three year old is starting preschool. I also had a baby girl in July and to be honest it’s been a lot harder than I expected. Before the bay my house was a well oiled machine; we had a schedule, there was order, things were defined….now it seems like there’s so much chaos I want to run screaming into the night. I think the only thing that is keeping me sane at this point is the look that my daughter gives me with her big blue eyes. I have been trying to keep up with school and finish one of my novels as well. I think I’ll have more time when the kids are in school. My problem right now is that I’m living with my mother because our finances aren’t in the best place. It’s like an extended vacation without my husband and his kids are stuck with me instead of their biological mother (who moved to the other side of the country). I think I’ll feel better when I’m not living in my mother’s house. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom, but we have differences when it comes to rules of the house,and it drives me crazy when she tells me how to raise my kids. Oh well….


Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.  ~Hannah Arendt

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My granddaughter arrived….

This month brought a lot of challenges my way, and in more than one direction all at once. As the moments dwindled and the labor started, I was losing a childhood friend to car accident.  I still don’t have all the details for that, but I know, that my heart broke in hundreds of little pieces when I found out.

The week before, a beautiful soul passed as well. I was her baby sitter, her neighbor, her childhood friend. We grew apart as time passed, but as she reached adulthood, I found my way back to her, and the last few years we were friends again. I knew her twin boys, but I had never met her older son. Her death was tragic and frightening. She passed from an aneurysm. Something very few people live through. At thirty seven, her children and 200 of her closest friends, said goodbye to our little Katy.

And on the 16th, after two days of labor, I sent my son-in-law and my daughter to the hospital. Being her first baby, I didn’t let her panic and made her walk a lot. Her husband was up for the weekend and they went swimming and hiking and (against my better judgment) she jumped on the trampoline with the kids. Finally, on the 15th, she was having contractions that were five to ten minutes apart and she was ready.

The hospital is an hour away and enough was enough. They went down and I got things ready here. I made sure that my other two grandkids were taken care of and had a babysitter for however long it was going to take. Then, I made sure the hospital was going to keep her and off we went. My mom, me and my best friend, who so happens to be the mother of my son-in-law, followed a few hours later.

We had some waiting to do, and we had some not so pleasant labor pains to help her through. After I started to suffer, I made sure that the epidural was on its way. She was spiking up so high on the paper on the monitor, I swear it was an earthquake.

At 12:29 my dear sweat granddaughter came screaming into the world. I have nicknamed her Mak. As in Mack attack. And for her privacy, I won’t be saying the whole name. But just know, she’s a sweet young lady and I will protect her and love her like a grandma.

So…….. what a month. I can’t wait to see what else happens as August comes running in.

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The moment is closer…..

So, that time has drawn close. Did I tell you? My daughter is about to give birth to my granddaughter. Although, she refers to her, as “The little alien eating me up from the inside.” LOL!!

She’s been having cramps the last couple of days. That means the little alien is preparing to make an appearance. The other two aliens, oops, I mean grandkids are currently running through the sprinklers and learning how to be barefoot. They are city kids. This getting wet and running through sprinklers and being in the woods has them discombobulated. They have had a blast learning though.

They got their first taste of running in the creek over the weekend while their dad was here.

Maybe I should give some history here. Some financial things occurred that threw their lives into a mess and with a baby on the way that made things even worse. So, they made a phone call to me that threw my life into a tizzy. I thought about it, and thought and decided, my house would be the best way to get to know the kids and help bring the granddaughter into the world. If she’s anything like my daughter, my daughter will need help. LOL!!!

So, this is why I haven’t been about to write posts on here. I have been helping with the grandkids and adjusting to all the noise I just got used to not hearing. The groceries are getting sucked up into little bellies and one more about to arrive.

Yesterday, I woke and could not move. My back was sooooo swollen and then my stomach started in. Have you tried to throw up when you can’t bend to get to the toilet? Ya, me either. So, on top of cramps, my daughter brought me soup and such. I stayed in bed. Exhausting for both of us.

So, today is much better! I still am swollen and sitting on an ice pack, but, the stomach is much more on the mend and I get to watch the kids run through the sprinklers. Its a much better day today.

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I’m on my knees….

A cold front is on its way through the little basin I live in. I can’t find the tarps and last time the sheets didn’t work. Please mother Nature, don’t freeze what I have planted. It would be ever so nice if you pass me by. I need the food that is growing in it.

Thank you, that is all.



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Yard Sale Day!

So I am having a yard sale. My best friend and I were needing some extra change to get to Utah with. My daughter is moving in for the summer and to help with our expenses, we decided it was time to hunt through our excessive store rooms and bring on the change. (We are helping her move home) Mine has been more on the extra tools and things. Hers has been girlie things and it really has helped to balance out the customer desire. I even cooked breakfast and lunch outside on the barbecue and that really pulls them in, even though we aren’t selling any food. Funny how that works.

So, as I sit here, we have sold half our stuff. I feel very blessed and rewarded for all the hard work getting the items to my friends yard. I really have no desire to haul it all back home.

Thanks for all the reads this week. And don’t forget, I am on as well.

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