More determined than ever~!

A friend of mine and his family, has this wonderful concept. They squeeze the joy out of life. I find that rather inspirational. Today it was even more prevalent than ever. I was a participant in a funeral today. Yes, it was a family member. We have watched and assisted in the ending of that life. Me, less than the rest of the family, as I have also been down. But, as we are listening to the sermon, and preparing for the potluck, it hit me. My friend is sooooo right. Because, tomorrow could be the end.

So, even though things are a bit hard for me right now, I refuse to give in. I refuse to let the bodily disabilities I have, get in the way of enjoying my life everyday. From hearing the birds sing, to smelling the flowers, at the neighbors house, or dancing when my celery comes up. Please, do what my friends do….and squeeze the joy out of life! Find those moments that make your soul dance.

My mother recently asked why I bought myself flowers. I should have hugged her…..but, I turned and smiled, and said, “Because somethings are good for the soul.” And it was valentine’s day. I bought myself a good feeling for the day. I was worth a bundle of six dollar flowers…..just to make the house look brighter.

So, go find your smile for the day!!


About Terri Louise

I am a Heavy Equipment Operator by day and a writer by night. My day job takes me all over Idaho doing road projects and camping in gorgeous areas and my writing career lets me sit in my PJ's and type into the night. I am a Cancer survivor. The worst being the Thyroid Cancer. Divorced and Authored the book series, "Diaries of a Damaged Soul". "Divorced, Girlfriends, Phone Calls, And Why He Makes Me Sick!" is available on Amazon as a Kindle book. "Coffee of Change", "Grader Gal's Simple Steps to Car Maintenance" and many more!!! Visit my author's page on Amazon..
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