So far so good

So my New Year’s didn’t get off to the best of starts. I came home from the holidays –sick! For the first couple of days I sat on my ass and played a computer game called Maplestory (an mmorpg, massive multiplayer online role playing game). I really wanted to do more during those days but I felt so bad I really couldn’t do anything else >_< but for the past few days now I’ve felt much better. I’ve been waking up early, like 9 to 10ish (that’s early for a college student anyway) playing Maplestory for an hour or so while drinking coffee and waking up. At eleven Scrubs comes on and that’s when I break out the yoga mat and workout while hilarious medical jokes play in the background. This is how I have started these past few days and if I continue like this I’m hoping to get rid of what I like to call my “diabetic chub” that consumes my gut area. I am still blowing my nose like a fog horn into nice tissues with lotion in them but I am moving strong into this new year and moving right along with my resolutions. I have taken to making a to-do list on my phone for each day. Yesterday I signed up for a website where I can get paid to write certain articles, which was one of my resolutions. I also looked for a second job while I was at it. This year my goal is to keep up with my rent and other bills. How are your resolutions coming along so far?


Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.  ~E.L. Doctorow

I love your post my dear. I love that you are exercising and looking for more work. Good Work!!! That makes me very proud. I have been tweeting and posting and wishing upon a star. Exposure for the book…right? I did learn the formula for marketing from a webinar this weekend. I hope its not outdated. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bank account and be able to pay the bill’s without wiping out the account? I know I would enjoy that.

Max has been watching the stairs like a ghost keeps slipping down them. But, in reality, I know that he is watching for you and Mattie. I find that to be funny. I thought I was all he needed. I guess that is selfish thinking on my part.

The ice continues to form everywhere down here. We have frozen pipes in more than one place. The water lines to homes are in danger and the one’s under the roads….are completely frozen. Some have broken, and the water is running over the roads. We have ice skating rinks everywhere. And no one to charge us for the fun. LOL!

Keep talking!!!

Gradergal mom

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