Max the wonder dog!

My max has been a great asset to this household since I adopted him. When I met his original owner’s, he was a new puppy  for my Osha. Osha was a hybrid wolf, adopted from a nearby town and brought to my mountain to save her. She had been abandoned in a california mountain neighborhood and found by two wonderful folks. Before she starved, they brought her home to Idaho. Their house was in town, and way too small for the wanderer that Osha was. So, they found me. In turn, I brought her to the mountains, fed her, loved her, found she hated bathing and water….learned quickly to respect that and then…..adopted Max so she had a pack. Well…. Max was something she wanted to get rid of. So, she did. They went out early one morning…..March of 2011 and never came back. I don’t know what happened to Osha. No calls came. Her collar identified her, and me as her home. Max however, was found two months later, about 16 miles away. Poor little guy was on his last legs.

The call came at 9 pm on April 23rd. I was already in my pj’s and set for the evening. The number on caller ID said it was a snow plow customer and….in my head I am thinking,” Why is he calling me? And….how did he get my number?” So, gingerly I answered the phone. A strange man on the other end of the line said he had my dog. I started laughing and then crying. “Which one?” I asked. “They both are missing!”  He says….”I have Max”  My heart leaped. My little 5 month old puppy was found. He went on to say, that Max was in bad shape and could they bring him.  “Of Course!!!!” I says, and I gave them directions. I hung up and sat down. The wind had just been knocked out of me. My brain was spinning, my heart pumping harder and harder and my little Max was on his way. I called my brother to meet them. I had no robe at this time and I won’t say why right now. But, times were a bit rough at that moment for me on so may levels.

They arrived toot sweet. My brother got the story from them and then carried my Max into the house. I melted! The poor sweet little guy was dirty from head to toe. The life was gone in his eyes and he was skin and bones. I started talk and talk. My brother went home and I kept talking. I got him some water and placed some soft doggie food into his bowl.  He drank and drank and then ate that bowl all gone. I repeated the first steps. Talk and feed. Talk and feed. And somewhere in there…..he recognized me. He licked my face, wagged his dirty little australian shepherd tail and went over to the wood stove, curled up and went sound asleep.

I stared and watched him for several hours before my eyes grew tired and drooped into a sleep I never saw coming. I woke in the same position I had faded into sleep in. I moved and so did he. It was a ballet that week. I gave nutrients…..he devoured them. He slept, I filled the bowls again. His body got used to food again and my loneliness faded. I thanked God for getting him back to me safely and he thanks me every moment he is here. He has never left again. And when I say ‘STAY” he understands and always is here when I get home.

As for Osha…..I haven’t ever seen her again. But, I don’t give up hope. I know she has a lot of wolf in her and can only hope that one of the local packs adopted her. In my mind, she’s a mother and part of a family somewhere. Just like Max and me. Family.


About Terri Louise

I am a Heavy Equipment Operator by day and a writer by night. My day job takes me all over Idaho doing road projects and camping in gorgeous areas and my writing career lets me sit in my PJ's and type into the night. I am a Cancer survivor. The worst being the Thyroid Cancer. Divorced and Authored the book series, "Diaries of a Damaged Soul". "Divorced, Girlfriends, Phone Calls, And Why He Makes Me Sick!" is available on Amazon as a Kindle book. "Coffee of Change", "Grader Gal's Simple Steps to Car Maintenance" and many more!!! Visit my author's page on Amazon..
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2 Responses to Max the wonder dog!

  1. So glad you got your “Max” back. That happened to me, many years ago. I lived on the family farm. My 3 month old Border Collie/shepherd mix mutt took off and followed the old farm dog out loafing. The farm dog returned; my Pokey puppy didn’t. I was lucky, though. Word of mouth, after my near-desperate phone calls to neighbors, worked. In three days I rec’d a call that he had been found. I had to have him put down last April–his old hips refused to work; he couldn’t stand anymore. He was a few weeks shy of turning 15. We have two new adopted (unwanted) dogs now. One is Maggie, the other Max 🙂 They are nice dogs. But…I will never have another like my Pokey. Enjoy Max… dogs are such good company. 🙂

    • gradergal says:

      Thank you a billion times over for stopping by. I am sorry to hear about Pokey. They are so much like our kids….and so hard to say goodbye to. I am forever greatful that he found his way back home. I miss his partner as well, but she had too much wild in her heart. And I just prey she is ok…..everyday.

      Max is an excellent name. He jumped on me when I was trying to choose between him and his sisters. He CHOSE me. And that is important. He shows lots of intelligence. Last night he was catching popcorn in mid air. My son will be thrilled about that. hahahaha.

      Thanks for talking. I appreciate the interaction. Tootles!!

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