Let me reintroduce myself, my name is Andi and I am Gradergal’s 22 year old daughter. I am a creative writing major, so you’d expect me to be able to write some crap down real quick, but that’s not the case. For some reason whenever I get a brilliant novel idea I also get horrible writer’s block and can’t write unless I’m drinking (not excessively); loosens the words I guess—-not that I’m drinking now…I rarely drink which my age group finds pretty odd. I should be out partying and getting shit faced right? nah, not my style. I like drinking at home–in the dark—with lit candles—and a creepy organ playing in the background. Ha ha, just kidding. When I actually can afford alcohol it usually sits in the fridge for a while, because I want to savor it as long as I can lol.

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