Our Little League……

Saturday marked many things for me. My book went to the #5 spot in the Divorce section on Amazon and my little league team’s started their season. I was nervous on both counts. We started out with two board members and just as the season began, there was only me. I am serving as the president for our league. The other board member’s husband started at Post, and for the next 5 weeks, she is all the kids have and trying to survive financially is hard as well. So, being the secretary, was such a hardship, and I don’t blame her, she resigned her position. I have had awesome volunteers to help with the shirts and the scheduling. And I am forever grateful for their assistance. I just have been petrified that I would mess up and fall flat on my face. But, they made it through their first games and all went well. So, I think I need a coke, some ice and I know I have a smile around here somewhere.


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About Terri Louise

I am a Heavy Equipment Operator by day and a writer by night. My day job takes me all over Idaho doing road projects and camping in gorgeous areas and my writing career lets me sit in my PJ's and type into the night. I am a Cancer survivor. The worst being the Thyroid Cancer. Divorced and Authored the book series, "Diaries of a Damaged Soul". "Divorced, Girlfriends, Phone Calls, And Why He Makes Me Sick!" is available on Amazon as a Kindle book. "Coffee of Change", "Grader Gal's Simple Steps to Car Maintenance" and many more!!! Visit my author's page on Amazon.. http://www.amazon.com/Terri-Louise/e/B007IA789Q/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1
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