I am a Tree Whisperer!

Are you laughing yet? hahahaha…. I was when I thought of the title. LOL.

I have this Locust tree outside my bedroom window. The last four years it has been looking pathetic. I have given it some help with fertilizers, extra water, etc. It just would not grow much and it would not leaf out much. My Ex husband chose the tree and brought it home. He went for a hard wood, and chose this because it does not bloom. There are some that do bloom, but, he wanted to not have extra bees in the yard. It was a good choice. And I love the Locust tree for its hardy wood to burn in the winter.

Last year, I had given up on it. I was going to cut that sucker down and make it into blocks of wood to burn. I chose an apple tree to take its place and I even told it, IT was a goner! It was going down.

The very next week, the leaves were bigger than it had ever been, and it had more branches and filled out. I stared in disbelief. I know plants respond to being spoken to…..but…. a TREE? Could it really be that it had heard me and understood? There really is no explanation for this confusion. This amazing feat of growth and thickening. But….. there it was, right in front of me. Bigger leaves, taller, more grandeur than it had ever been. The leaves, of course, are barely peaking through this season and I need to go let it know…..I changed my mind. It can stay. But, I think I just might feel a bit weird talking to the tree. Maybe my son will do it. hahahahahahahaha.

–Terri Louise



About Terri Louise

I am a Heavy Equipment Operator by day and a writer by night. My day job takes me all over Idaho doing road projects and camping in gorgeous areas and my writing career lets me sit in my PJ's and type into the night. I am a Cancer survivor. The worst being the Thyroid Cancer. Divorced and Authored the book series, "Diaries of a Damaged Soul". "Divorced, Girlfriends, Phone Calls, And Why He Makes Me Sick!" is available on Amazon as a Kindle book. "Coffee of Change", "Grader Gal's Simple Steps to Car Maintenance" and many more!!! Visit my author's page on Amazon.. http://www.amazon.com/Terri-Louise/e/B007IA789Q/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1
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One Response to I am a Tree Whisperer!

  1. Terri Louise says:

    Thank you to all of you that have “liked” or commented on my posts. I appreciate them. And I answer back when I see you have questions for me.

Thank you!

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