Scare month hmmm…

If money is scary then yeah, scare month it is. I am officially in week 3 of my second online course, and might I just say that I hope it doesn’t waste my time. I’m pretty sure that since I was in middle school I’ve been an expert in computer literacy. I may not be able to build my own computer from scratch, but that’s not what this class is teaching….now-a-days who doesn’t know how to Word? I know that I certainly do. This class is almost a joke. Last week I had to watch six tutorials about how to open a Word document and how to use it –_– I mean come on! I  didn’t even watch all of them and made some stuff up and got a 100% on the assignment. At least the paper due in a couple weeks is interesting.

Anyway, back to money….I HATE money. If I could live without it I would. There’s no point in having it, but we live in a society that says that money is real and you NEED to have it. On a lighter note I had a dream about an event that in my dream it seemed very much like the plagues of Egypt. Before that at about four in the morning my step-son woke up screaming my name because he had a nightmare about a skeleton. No more ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ before bedtime. It must be Halloween if nightmares are roaming around the house ^_^ hehehe let the scares begin!


Nothing on Earth so beautiful as the final haul on Halloween night.  ~Steve Almond

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One Response to Scare month hmmm…

  1. Charming blog♫♪ Good luck with class and happy fall♥ I have 2 blogs if you care to ck on them: featuring my music and featuring photo♫♪

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