So my mom is taking a mini vacation and has left me in charge…I’ll be honest folks, I have no clue what I’m doing. I thought the younger generation was supposed to be all knowledgeable about technology and such, but clearly I was wrong 0_0 So, I’ll do my best to keep doing what my mom was doing.
Cupcakes anyone? I got the hankering to do some baking a couple days ago. I really wanted to make Halloween cupcakes with orange frosting. Everything went perfectly and I made about 50 cupcakes of the chocolate and vanilla variety. I also put little Snickers on top of most of them.To my dismay I threw away my frosters, so I had to use a sandwich baggie.I even got the Halloween cupcake holders with spiders on the bottom. In about two days there are only about 6 cupcakes left….that’s what happens when dada comes home and feeds the kids four to five cupcakes a day and eats about that many himself =/ all in all I probably shouldn’t have made so many, as all our pant waits are a bit tighter now lol.

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Thank you!

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