Neale McGregor on the lose!

Neale McGregor book cover number 4Friendly, Spicy, take no prisoners Neale McGregor is on the open Market. If you haven’t already heard me shouting from the porch…. Here she is. She’s available on Barnes and Noble…

Or if you have a Kindle…… Amazon.

And if you have the other devices and like Smashwords;

So many options… I do hope you have a chance to read it. I completely loved writing it. I had a blast.

Neale McGregor is a Female detective living in Boise, Idaho. She starts a job for a friend and very quickly discovers she is in the middle of a murder mystery tied to a diamond smuggling ring. Can she get all the pieces to fit before they catch her? What does a Teddy Bear have to do with the mystery? Follow McGregor as she fights for her life and her sanity to solve the case of a life time.


About Terri Louise

I am a Heavy Equipment Operator by day and a writer by night. My day job takes me all over Idaho doing road projects and camping in gorgeous areas and my writing career lets me sit in my PJ's and type into the night. I am a Cancer survivor. The worst being the Thyroid Cancer. Divorced and Authored the book series, "Diaries of a Damaged Soul". "Divorced, Girlfriends, Phone Calls, And Why He Makes Me Sick!" is available on Amazon as a Kindle book. "Coffee of Change", "Grader Gal's Simple Steps to Car Maintenance" and many more!!! Visit my author's page on Amazon..
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