Christine Sutton

Tonight, I bring you SCARY WRITER– Christine Sutton

She does WAY big spppppppoooooookkky stuff. WAAAAHahahahahahaha!!! Join me for a great interview with her…. On the regular blog page, I am posting her BIO>>>>


1. Please, tell me a little bit about yourself and what genre’s you have decided to write in?

Well my name is Christine Sutton. I am 37 years old and I live in central California.  I work full-time as a custom cake artist.  I write primarily in the horror genre. My definition of horror is fairly broad. I have written stories about haunted houses, ancient monsters, Grimm style horror. I would have to say my concentration would probably be serial killers.

2. Why of all the genres do you choose to write that one? Or if you write in more than one genre, what has drawn you to tell a story in that genre?

I have always been fascinated by things that scare you. As a child, of course, I was scared to death of monsters and horror movies. One day, when I was in third grade, someone suggested to me that I read Stephen King. I went to the library and I picked up a copy of Carrie. From that day forward I was completely hooked.

3. I know interviews can be sooooo boring…. so I will try to have fun unusual questions. Since this is October I will throw in October questions. When you were younger and you were out trick or treating, what was your most memorable Halloween?

Halloween was great when I was a kid! I live way out in the country, so that always meant a trip into town to go to the nicer neighborhoods. We always knew which house gave out the best stuff and which houses gave out toothbrushes and walnuts.

4. Its harvest season and comfort food month. What is your favorite comfort food this time of year?

Please don’t hate me…. but I do not like pumpkin. Lol!   I am, however, a big fan of cinnamon. So I would have to say a big cinnamon pull apart covered in sugary frosting, accompanied by a big cup of hot chocolate.  (Terri’s note: Freaking YUMMMMM!!)

5. What was your favorite costume you wore as a kid for trick or treating? Or did some friend you hung with have a cool one that you remember?

Probably my favorite was, as a teenager, I went out as a Marilyn Monroe zombie. 7 year itch dress and all.

6. Do you have a new book coming out soon?

I do have a current work in progress that I am hoping will be released by early November. It will be titled “ Prodigal Son.”

7. What is your favorite book that you have penned?

I am quite fond of several of my shorter works. I would say that a story titled Hindsight is my absolute favorite. It can be found in my collection called ‘Killers’. I am also quite fond of a collection called the ‘Kayla Burkhart Tales.’

8. Which book has had the best response and completely caught you off guard?

The one that very much surprised me is a haunted house story titled ‘All the Little Children’. It is one of my most popular titles

9. What is your favorite Character in all your books?

I want to say my favorite character, just because I like her, is Kayla Burkhart. She is kind of a tough broad but a really good person.

10. And one last fun question… What is your favorite Halloween Candy?

hahaha. I have to say that my very favorite Halloween candy would be those little orange mellow kreme pumpkins. I try not to buy them because I cannot stop eating them if they are in the house. A very neck-in-neck second is candy corn flavored taffy…yummy! (Terri NOTE: She has great Candy tastes!!)


Thank you!

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