David Kirk

Please join me as I introduce to you, my friend, David Kirk! He has a wonderful soulful way of writing and if SCARRRRRYYYYYYY books are not your thing…. David brings a new twist to life and shows you through his writing.

Put YOUR hands together for DAVID!!!!!

1. HI DAVID… I haven’t had the opportunity to read your books yet. Can you tell me how many you have and what you have written about?

Hi Terry!  Thanks for having me on today.  I have written two novels, one has been published and one is currently being considered for publication.  I also have three short stories currently making the rounds as well.  Particular Stones (Martin Sisters Publishing, 2011), the published one, is labeled as Young Adult/Science Fiction but is grounded in reality and about growing up and the passion to persevere.  It reminds me of some of your writing.  The other novel, In the Big Flood, is a dark comparison of emotional illness and the rising waters in the setting of an actual flood event in 1997 Fargo, North Dakota.

2. As an author, each day when you get up, what is the hardest thing to face?

Looking at those blasted sales figures!  Bad in the way that they are never good enough.  However, good in the way because one can see what is working, where and with whom.  I avoid doing so on the weekends.

3. Where can your readers find your work?

Particular Stones can be found on my publisher’s web site, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and most other major online retailers, in both paperback and electronic versions.  Smashwords, Shelfari, and Goodreads also have selections from the book.

4. Of all your books, which character do you like the best and why?

I guess I would have to go with my protagonist, Dan Kelley, in Particular Stones, because he is the one I can identify with most.  Poor Dan is cast adrift in the sea of life without a clue as to why unfortunate things have to happen to him.  He finally comes to the realization of “…okay, this was the hand I was dealt, now what am I going to do with it?”  It’s interesting how, as the story progresses, he comes to realization, understanding, and a strategy for action.

5. As a SCARE MONTH question, what are your absolutely FAVORITE things to do for Halloween?

I guess my interest in Halloween began to wane as my kids got older, but last year we moved to a new town and, let me tell you, these people are crazy about Halloween.  I mean there was a line of trick-or-treaters down the driveway and around on the front walk.  And the costumes are amazing!  This goes for adults all the way down to the tiny ones.  So we love hosting so many visitors and are preparing to really get the place looking creepy.
6. Is writing the only thing that you do? (Meaning, do you have day job or do you write full time?)

I retired from a career with the Federal government, and then taught introductory and abnormal psychology at a college for four years, then resigned from that to write full time.

7. In my part of the country, when Halloween rolls around, we have corn mazes’ and Halloween parties…. What is the funnest thing you have gotten to do where you live?

Here we get swamped with treaters so we’ve done little else.  In other places I’ve lived we have gone to corn mazes, haunted houses, and apple orchards.

8. Are you currently working on the next novel?

I’m pretty tied up with getting the second novel and the short stories on the road to publication, so I have not been working on another at present.  I do have a rough outline for a sequel to Stones.

9. When can we see a sneak peak if you are???

Here’s a sample from In the Big Flood:

Lester is my father.  I call him Lester because it drives him crazy, because everyone else calls him Les.  I call him that because he always calls me Walter, when everyone else calls me Walt.

He drove the heavy machine even with our house, took it out of gear, and shut it off.  Standing up, he slowly scanned the Minnesota farmland east of the ice-covered river.

“Mr. Mays was wondering why we’re gonna put the dike so close to the house,” I said.

Lester ignored me as well, got down off the grader, and began walking past me toward the house.  He quickly looked me in the eye as he passed and said, “We’re going to get screwed by all that water out there.  You know that, don’t you?”

10. And last but not least, DO you have a SCARE MONTH promotion you are running? And if you do, where can all your wonderful readers find it?

I don’t, Terri, but your enthusiasm over such an event has got me thinking about it.  I will certainly have something for next year.  Thanks again for having me on.

David, YOUR amazing HALLOWEEN involvement— Caught me off guard!!!  And I am OVERWHELMED with laughter seeing your home and neighborhood full of SPPOOOOKS and ghosts and GOBLINS!!!! YOU have an awesome HALLOWEEN David and everyone here…. SPPPPOOOOOKSSSS to YOU!!!!! wwwwaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Happy Halloweenie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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