Sara Brooke

Terri Louise interviews Author Sara Brooke 

Beautiful, Talented and Scary…. LOL! Let’s see what she is up to…. 1. Of all the careers in the world, what drew you to being a writer?

Writing is an incredible release – it really is. From the time I was very young, to present day, I think writing has served as an escape from reality and the ability to create worlds filled with people and situations that are interesting, exciting, and scary. When I’m writing, I really lose myself in the story and allow the tale to tell itself. In addition, writing gives me the ability to pour my fears, fantasies, and dreams into a situation where others can be entertained and enthralled by what is unfolding in front of them. It really is about entertainment and escape.

2. And how did you sway toward writing about scary things?

I love scary stuff! Horror movies, Halloween, horror novels, creepy music, you name it! I think the most successful authors in the world write about what they enjoy. If you were to visit a Barnes & Noble Bookstore with me, we’d be heading straight for the horror section. Scary novels keep me on edge; I find them interesting, intriguing, and truly make you think about the different dimensions this world has to offer.

3. If you could go back in time, and tell that ONE person that influenced you, what would you say? (Influence can be anything. Not just writing.)

My answer to this is so unoriginal, as I respond similarly every time. But there is no doubt, I would speak with Bentley Little. His novels have entertained me countless times. His ability to create chaos from normalcy and then find normalcy amidst chaos is simply genius. I would probably just say, “Thank you” and listen to his words of wisdom.

4. If your books go to number one what one thing would you spend your extra money on?

Not sure. I don’t really enjoy shopping all that much, so would probably spend it on travel or another good book.

5. I love mystery books and stories of historical significance, but I don’t write stories in those genres. What are your favorite reads?

I enjoy horror, romance, and mystery.

6. Can your readers find you on Facebook? Twitter? Can we find your books on Amazon? Or Barnes and Noble or elsewhere?

Yes, I am on Facebook and I strongly encourage fans to “friend” me. It is the best place to stay up-to-date on what is happening in my little world. My books are sold on Amazon, B&N, Sony, Kobo…there are a ton of retailers that work with my publisher; you can find links to all of my books on my website at as well as links to my FB page. Don’t have a Twitter account…yet.

Below are links to my novels on for convenience (Still Lake, Kransen House, Fresh Blood Old Bones):

7. Here is a personal question for those inquiring minds. Its fall, What is your favorite Fall dish to eat?

Pumpkin Pie

8. When the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, do you move to a warmer climate or do you play in the snow all winter? (I guess that’s two personal questions. hahahaha)

I live in Florida so the weather doesn’t really change all that much. In the winter the temperatures drop maybe ten degrees or so. So, I prefer the beach in the winter;)

9. What one book, of all your creations, is your favorite?

Kransen House.

10. Of all your writing, what is your Favorite character?

I like all of my characters (good and bad), but one of my favorites is Ana from Kransen House. She is the character who is most similar to me…and you’ll have to read the book to find out why…

I want to Thank Sara for taking the time to do this interview. I know how busy we all can get between life and writing. Don’t forget to stop over and visit her website and check out her CREEPY books!!! Have an awesome Halloweenie MONTH!!!!! is where to go to visit her.


Update: April 28th, 2013

It is my understanding this lady is a mover and a shaker. She has some GREAT new news coming our way and when she is ready to release it, she promised that we would be part of it. So hang onto your hats… she says it has something to do with a movie!!! HOW exciting!


Thank you!

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