The Up and Coming WJ Davies

Do not miss this interview!! Mr. Davies has created a wonderful SCI-FI that you should not miss! It gave me goosebumps!!!

Give it up…. for WJ Davies!!!


1. As a new writer, what has been your hardest road block to over come?

Wow, start with a tough one! First, thanks for having me on Terri, I love your Halloween interviews idea and your website looks like a great way for readers to discover new books and authors that they might enjoy.

As an aspiring author, one of the obstacles I’ve grappled with the most has been finding blocks of time where I can sit down and concentrate solely on writing. These are fast times we live in and sometimes life doesn’t slow down long enough for you to reach your word counts everyday. But I’ve found that when time is tight, having a solid outline or chapter synopses can really help to guide your thoughts and make for a more productive writing session.

2. I see you haven’t published yet. But from what I read— you had better….. What is your Goal date for publishing?

I’m glad you had a chance to check out my website and read the samples I’ve posted. I’m still in the first draft stage of my manuscript, which I’ve been working on for the past five or six months. I’m finally getting to the conclusion of my story now, so that makes it more exciting to write–it’s hard to believe that if I work hard over the next few weeks, I’ll have completed the first draft of my novel and be ready for editing!

I am hoping to release the first instalment of my book on December 12 of this year. I’ll try to get some sample chapters up on my website as we get closer to the release date -12/12/12

3. Are you self publishing? Or have you captured the eye of a Publisher?

Once I started looking into various publishing methods, my research led me to discover the world of self-publishing and I heard other authors describe how rewarding the experience can be. I went out and bought a kindle, and it’s been fascinating to see how these little devices are flipping the publishing work on its head. There are a lot of pros to self-publishing: I’m attracted to the idea of being able to release multiple works a year, instead of waiting years between entries and it’s also nice to see that the profit margins tend to be much more fair to the authors. I believe that as long as writers strive to maintain the quality of work that readers have come to expect from the big publishing houses, there’s no reason why we can’t market and publish our books to the biggest bookstore in the world–the internet!

4. What have you named your creation? (YOUR BOOK)

My story is called Binary Cycle. I was considering the name A Tale of Two Suns, but that sounded a bit too…Dickensish.

5. Tell me about your book and share your favourite chapter so far?

My book takes place in a binary star system a few light-years from Earth. It tells the tale of a group of human colonists as they strive to create a better life for themselves on their new home world. Although the planet is habitable and very beautiful, it presents many challenges for the settlers, such as constant threats from a primitive–but dangerous–alien species who aren’t keen to have new neighbours. The environment is also a factor, with issues being caused by the combined gravitational forces of the binary suns.

The main conflict begins when an archeological discovery provides irrefutable evidence that the planet is heading towards a deadly, ecological disaster which will wipe out everything humanity has accomplished since leaving Earth, some centuries before. In my writing, I try to really focus in on the characters, and the reader will only learn about the world through their eyes. I write in a third person limited perspective so that gives me a chance to hone in on one character at a time as they try to preserve and strengthen their tenuous hold on a continued future for mankind.

My favourite chapter so far is when one of my characters–Kenneth Sparling– learns to barter for the first time in a gritty, futuristic asian market. I even threw in some of the chinese words that I learned while I was teaching overseas. I also enjoyed writing the prologue because it’s told from the perspective of an alien. Of course, I still have some pretty exciting chapters left to write so you’ll have to ask me again once the novel is all finished up and polished.

6. What moment brought you to the creative table to start your first book?

I lived in Taiwan for two years teaching English and when I got back home I started writing out many of my adventures (or more accurately, mis-adventures). What got me hung up was that I felt I shouldn’t  use anybody’s real name in the stories, as they were (mostly) true stories. That was about the time when I heard astronomers had found a planet called Gliese 581g, which they think might be able to support liquid water and human habitation. That got my gears turning and one night my brother and I dreamt up elaborate ideas about what it would be like for people like us to go and live on such a strange, new world. I started writing Binary Cycle the next day and haven’t looked back since.

7. Should we expect more from you MR. Davies? (Book wise)

Yes, thanks for asking! I’ll admit that I’m getting pretty caught up in the world I’ve created, so I’d like to do a few follow-ups while it’s all still fresh. I want to write a shorter work chronicling the colonists’ 240 year journey from Earth to their new home, and then perhaps an earlier prequel about the reasons why they had to forsake Earth in the first place. I’ve also got a story arc which extends millions of years into the future and then ties right back into the main storyline, but at that point things start to get a bit crazy!

8. It’s SCARE MONTH on Grader Gal Books…. and its a tradition to ask this question on all interviews. What is your favourite Harvest Food? And if you celebrated Halloween as a kid, What was your favorite Memory when trick or treating or at a harvest party?

I’m Canadian, so we usually have our Thanksgiving celebration in early October. My favourite food this year had to be the pumpkin butter-tarts that a friend let me try. SO GOOD….

As for Halloween, I remember getting so scared one year that I barely made it out the front door. I was really young and our teacher had just read us a story about some kids getting lost in the basement of a creepy haunted house full frogs– literally millions of frogs… it was so strange. Then, when the kids finally found their way out of the house, they realized they’d aged dramatically and were now old and wrinkly with no teeth and really long white beards. Needless to say I got pretty spooked.

9. And this is for your imagination to run wild– and it supposed to be for fun—(YOU create a scenario for fun ) Where do you hide your chocolate?

I hide my chocolate in an advent calendar, but instead of the boxes representing days of the month, each one is a target word count that I have to reach before I can eat the chocolate inside. It’s a good reward system and now I notice I do my best writing when I’m hankering for a tasty snack 😉  (Terri Note: MEEEE toooo!!! hahahahaha)

10. Where will we be able to find your work once it’s Live? And where can we find your blog, website, twitter, facebook page?

I plan on self-publishing through to start, and then I’ll release my book for Kobo, Sony, and to the iTunes book store.

You can watch my progress meter inch slowly towards completion on my website,, and when I’m not too busy writing my book or editing, I’ll post blog entires about things I’ve felt have benefitted my writing process along the way.

You can also follow me on twitter @wjdaviesauthor or like my facebook page:

Terri, I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me. This was my first ever “author interview” so it’s been a real thrill, thanks again. Good luck with your writing, and remember to keep an eye out for Binary Cycle on December 12th, 2012!

WJ– it was great getting a peak into your world that you have created. Keep at it!!! Can’t wait to see it in print and on ebook. Don’t forget to visit his website…. very cool chapters to be read…..  !!!!! Thanks for joining everyone!!


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  1. Thanks Rob, I saw that! Good luck with everything.

  2. Rob F. says:

    Just followed the link to WJ’s blog and left a couple of comments!

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