Win Kelly Charles….

Please give it up for ONE Brave and strong Author. Her new book is arriving at Amazon very soon. Please read her story and learn to be a more powerful person because of her passion, compassion and strength. Please raise your glass to Win Kelly Charles….. AUTHOR!!!


1. I must confess, I haven’t had a chance to check out your book. But, on the other hand, its new. Tell me about it?

a: Why I’m writing my bio at ages 24/25:  in honor of my whole family who’ve support my life with have cp.(cerebral palsy) and in honor of my amazing mom who was my sole care giver for 23 until aug 12 2010 the day of her passing so that side we had the most amazing mother & daughter relationship ( I’ll expand more on that,in my book)
b. The worlds “teaching” tool about cp I want to let people into with cp through

the pages of my book( FYI I don’t think there’s that many books written from the powerful perspective of a person living cp)
c. someone who knows well asked me last week/ my family keeps asking me Why am I write this book,” is this to make win feel good or to get sales.”
My answer is, Both and I’ll sum it this way people write their own thoughts,felling & emotions in journals all the time,this is my journal,except my journal has a name ” I WIN and will been seen by millions on Amazon & have sales too…I hope!

2. As this is SCARE MONTH on Grader Gal Books…. I ask fun silly questions to add adventure to this blog. What is your
    favorite thing to do for Halloween? And what one memory sticks in your mind of Halloween’s gone by?

teaching kids about Halloween and see kids dress up

And what one memory sticks in my mind of Halloween’s gone by? Me as Ty beanie baby

3. What is your release date for this new book of yours? YOU must be sooooo excited….

Iwin will be on amazon November 19

4. What was the hardest thing to finish on this book?

To Have my writing team quit in Denver!

5. What is your favorite chapter in this book?

Ch 8 Keeping a disabled “supper women” healthy.

6. Being that’s its Halloween…. tell us, what is your favorite Halloween Candy?

Hershey candy bar :)))  (Terri Note; ME too Win!!! Me too!)

7. This time of year, I love to curl up with good books and sip tea and hot chocolate. What is your favorite type of book to read?

Girls books i.e. Skinny dipping by Bethany Frankel ( a real housewife of NYC).

8. From your Facebook page, I see you have had obstacles to overcome. I know they had to be difficult and I give you kudo’s for being so strong. Did the book make you feel stronger about who you are?


9. How long is your book? And where will we be able to find it? And where can we find you on the web?

52 pages

And where will we be able to find it? Amazon and smashwords and all ereader i.e. in the Apple iBooks app
And where can we find you on the web?
Twitter is @Iwinbook or @wcharles622
My blogs are or

10. And one last fun thing…. I have asked everyone this. What is your favorite harvest festival dish???

Apple pie :)))) yum


Win is more than a growing young lady. She is a winner in my book. YOU go girl!!! Keep strong and keep going. She is also a CEO.

Win Charles, CEO of Aspen Rose arts


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