Follow up on the AWESOME Win Kelly Charles

I’ve been watching Win’s career for the last year. She NEVER slows down, and once you see how busy she is, YOU too will be amazed at what she has accomplished. She has put her mind to do wonderful things….. and I have seen her do it time and time again.
1. Its been over a year since our last interview. I see that you have been busy. Can you tell
our readers what you have accomplished since our last talk?
 Since we’ve last talk on this blog I have become a VIP triathlete and I’m  leaving in two weeks to go to the Kona Ironman. Yes, I said the full Kona Ironman!
2. Have you been writing during all of this activity?
 Surprisingly I do take time to write during  all this craziness. It’s My Therapy and my Zen.
 My young adult novel entitled ‘The view from my heels’,  is coming out  June 22, 2014.
I am also writing a book about being the first woman team in the country with cerebral palsy, doing triathlons entitled team ‘weWin’.
3. What has been your favorite thing you’ve done in the last year?
 Doing triathlons and becoming stronger physically and emotionally.
4. What are your professional goals for the year coming?
 To be, a best selling self published NYC Times teen author. To like my books and to inspire others who don’t have the opportunity I do, whether they are able bodied or disabled, with my story.
5. Is there any regrets?
My biggest regret is not having my biological mom see this dream come true.  I lost her to a brain aneurysm three years ago.
6. Who has been your greatest supporter during all this work?
I have been blessed to have support in big and small. From all across the country before my triathlete team ‘we Win’, but my greatest supporter has been my family.
7. What has been the hardest obstacle you’ve had to overcome in the last year?
Preparing for Kona ironman.
8. Who’s your favorite artist Win?
Enya for music
9. Who is your favorite Writer Win?
Any self published independent author– especially K.B. Miller. Go look up on Amazon she’s amazing
 For more information about team we Win like  us on Facebook under team we Win
More information on my books visit
Win Charles, CEO of Aspen Rose arts
sent via iPad
   “Take a minute today to inspire someone
See people for who we are”
Win, Thanks for taking the time for the interview. I enjoy speaking with you all the time. I look forward to our Blog interview coming in October.

Thank you!

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