This page is to be filled up with “Thankful” quotes from you. Don’t be shy! If you have a favorite sock you are thankful for, then, let put it here. If you are thankful your neighbors are safe from the Hurricane or you have a sister in Montana that you love and are thankful for all her help, then put it here. Down below is a section for you to comment… that’s where we start. I will put mine here and then you put yours. Let’s make NOVEMBER full of being Thankful!!

Mine:  “I have three very good friends that live back East. Barb in New York State, Jeannie on Long Island and Bobbie in Florida. I am soooo thankful that they are all SAFE from Hurricane Sandy. I did not sleep, and ate very little until I knew they were ok. They have heat and food. Fuel is a bit iffy for Jeannie right now, but, she’s able to talk to me and everyone and she is doing ok. I am blessed to have them in my life and so grateful that the storm did not devastate or injure them. I am Thankful!!!” — Terri Louise


Thank you!

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