Up date on Annmarie.- May 13, 2013 /Annmarie Miles

        An Update on our very own Ann Marie… In her own words. Bring it Annmarie!!!!

Well Terry, I’ve just been looking back at the interview that we did last autumn. Is it really only 7 months since we did that? Fancy an update?
At the time I didn’t have a book published! And guess what…I still don’t have a book published But I’ve been working hard on my fiction writing since then and I’m very happy with my progress. At the time of the interview I didn’t mention it, but I had just started a fiction blog www.ficticiousamo.wordpress.comI’ve had some great feedback. I still write on the personal blog about Christian stuff, but I felt it was best to keep the two separate. Fictitious Amo is a place where I just make stuff up. Sometimes it’s very short flash stuff and there are some longer stories there too.

But finally after asking myself the question over and over –do I have book in me? I finally found the answer. And that is yes!
I did the AtoZ blog challenge where you blog through the alphabet for the month of April. I used a character that I’d been working o. She is 7/8 and lives in Dublin in the 1970s. For the AtoZ I let her speak for herself and… there she was. Lizzy got a great response by the folk who read about her during the AtoZ and as I began to realise that she would live beyond the month of April, some readers started to say it too.
So Lizzy will be my first novel. I will prepare over the summer and as I’ve registered for NaNoWriMo in November I’ll use that time to start writing.
You also asked about mentoring – I really feel the benefit of being in a number of different writing groups. Sharing ideas and getting to comment on each other’s work has huge benefits.
I also get to do a little myself as I now write a monthly column about blogging for a writer’s website in the US www.writersfunzone.com
So what other questions did you ask in the original interview…ah I remember – YES! I still love chocolate!


–Terri Louise    


 Bring your hands together for Blogger ANNMARIE MILES!!!

Soon to be a writer that is Published in the INDIE Way. ALL though she is a well published writer from her blog. Bring your hands together for Blogger— ANNMARIE!!!!!!!!   

                     1. Tell me about your writing? Books?

Been writing since I was a kid. Silly poems, songs, stories etc. Started blogging about 5 years ago and love it. But about 6/8 months ago had a bit of an epiphany and realised.. THIS! is what I should be doing. I love writing. Want to be so much better at it. At the moment it’s short non fiction pieces mainly. On my blog and a few articles/guest posts here and there. Am trying my hand at a bit of fiction and also have JUST started putting together some ideas for a longer fiction piece that may or may not end up as a book… 🙂
2. Do you have a blog that I can connect to?
3. What is your favorite thing to write about?
I love writing funny stuff, and if I could be funny all the time I would, but what I spend most time on is stuff about my faith and how the things in my life, day to day and wider issues connect with the beliefs I have and try to live out.
4. What country do you hail from? I have people from all over the world connecting in my blog and I am curious where you are from.
I’m Irish. Live in Ireland now, married to a man from Wales in UK – lived there for 7  yrs when we were first married
5. SCARE MONTH on Grader Gal Books has dragons protecting chocolates and pies and harvest time…. WHAT is your favorite SCARE MONTH Halloween Candy?
Well in Ireland it was slightly different when I was a kid. You didn’t go around to collect candy. We went around and our phrase was either “Have you got any apples or nuts?” And we’d get… yes you guessed it… apples and ‘monkey nuts’ in their shells. In later years it became “Help the Halloween Party” as different treats such as candy bars etc were added to the list. Now a lot of Irish kids say that and/or Trick or Treat. But my fave will always be the monkey nuts 🙂   Terri NOTe: What fun and What a memory to have!!!!
6. Tell me a bit about yourself? family…. dogs… fun stuff… I have a curious mind.
I’m 40. youngest of 8 children. Raised in a good Irish Roman Catholic family. I threw all that away in my teens but in my early 20s through my sister became a born again Christian. I’m married to Rich from Wales. We got married in 2000. Sadly we’ve never had kids. We’re both musicians. Rich plays and teaches piano. I play guitar, violin (but very badly) and I sing. I also teacher beginners guitar. We’re both Bible college graduates and I’m in the middle of my MA in Theology. We met on the internet and are both tech and gadget mad! 🙂 I have 27 nieces and nephews (hence the auntyamo thing) and 17 kids in the next generation. I love my family 🙂    Terri Note: WOW
7. Where else on the web can we find you to do research before we purchase your book? And by the way… Where can I find your book? Is it paperback yet?
This is where we may come unstuck as I’m 100 miles away from being published as I haven’t written it yet. You could always put this in a drawer til then 😀
8. When did you know you wanted to be a writer? What passionate thing clicked in your brain that brought it all to light and you JUST knew you needed to be a writer?
See number 1. and I suppose to add to that it was when people who didn’t know me started to comment or like the blog. You kinda expect friends and family to support you but it when strangers – and strangers who were writers began to say that they thought I just might have something… that’s when I started to give myself permission to say I’m a writer. It wasn’t easy. But now… I’m so ready to get really serious about it and make a go of it.
9. What is your FAVORITE Harvest time treat? (EVEN if its not harvest time where you live.)
Well we did have a harvest service in church. But we don’t really do it like you guys across the Atlantic. I used to live in the metropalis of Dublin but about a year ago we moved to Co. Kildare. A place where there are lots of cattle farms and horse studs.  After the harvest service we were given a big basket of produce. Butternut squash, carrots, leeks, potatoes, turnip and I made a big batch of delish! soup. 🙂
10. If you could mentor an up and coming Author, what one thing would you teach them?
I NEED a mentor – don’t feel in a position to mentor anyone. But from my limited experience…? Gather people around you who know what they’re talking about, who’ll be honest with you and read what they write!
You asked me where my chocolate is? The answer– it is this– My chocolate lies beneath the breath of mornings cool crispness As you draw near a light appears and guides you to a ridge For where else would my chocolate be? Top shelf inside the fridge!     (Terri Note: That even sounded romantic…. what does everyone else think? I  LOVE IT!)

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  1. auntyamo says:

    Hi Terri Louse. Checking back in . Happy to contribute again some time if you’d like 🙂 x

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