Books I have Written

My latest work. Based on a true story of my late friend, Mr. Bill. Some of the conversations we had together in life and after his death. Dreams that came to me, things we had to do to clear up his estate, and laughter him and I had along the way. Please enjoy the smiles, the laughter and the tears…..for Mr. Bill was very special to me.

Lone Wolf book cover


Divorce, Girlfriends, Phone Calls and Why He Makes Me Sick!My first book! A diary of the last twenty years living with a passive aggressive. How my kids and I survived! From 700 phone calls, to a nasty divorce to parking his truck in the creek. How I walked away and never looked back!



I was much more relaxed with this book. This is the continuing saga of my first book. Covering a blackmail, a hospital stay cut short, a hospital that kicked me out of the emergency room and learning to be handicapped from my accident.


My first fiction book. About 6 wonderful women meeting in a website and what things occur while they are getting to know one another. An attempted kidnapping, a murder in a hooker’s bed, a love lost to a foreign country, a teacher surviving without her kids and one mom that just wants to sell insurance and get through the next day. But Cancer has grabbed her life and she reaches for someone to talk to.  Anyone…. but she finds 6 women to help her through her tragedy. And one that she should NEVER meet, drives the extra mile to hold her hand.  “Coffee of Change” introduces how friendship can happen in the most unexpected places.



And my very first mystery— stemmed from Characters in ‘Coffee of Change’, I give you ‘Neale McGregor, Private Detective’!  Neale is a detective of fifteen years. Her best friend comes to her about a possible affair, and Neale walks right into a diamond smuggling ring that she never sees coming. The snow blinds her as she travels to Reno and her poor Molly Car is destroyed by the very people she is tracking. A police detective that hunts her every move and may end her career. And a lover that hides secrets on subjects she never knew existed. Join Neale as she travels Idaho looking for the answers, and comes crashing down with the Teddy Bear that has the answers to the whole mystery.

Neale McGregor book cover number 4

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  1. I look forward to this one….hugs Bobbie

Thank you!

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