I Heard it from A DIVA Advertising


From one Rockin’ Diva… I bring you– “I HEARD it from A DIVA Advertising!”

One very busy Gal that brings results…

1. Every morning when you go to run your business, what is the toughest thing you come up against?

Getting up and getting started. I’m NOT a morning person, but I have commitments to meet, so up I get and get started

2. When you started your business was it because of necessity or because you saw a need?

It was a little of both. I needed advertising for my business and couldn’t afford to keep paying out advertising money, so I Heard It From A DIVA was born.

3. As a business owner, did you take out a loan to begin? Or were you like a lot of other owners–starting with the money in the wallet?

Strictly out-of-pocket, I have traded out advertising for things I need like graphics

4. Have you grown quickly?

Pretty quickly, I had 1500 fans in April, and have grown to over 8,600 as of this month

5. Is all your blood sweat and tears paying off?

Yes and I love it

6. What is your favorite thing that you LOVE about your business?

I love meeting all the new people and learning why they love their business. People are         passionate about their businesses and products and I love to learn about their passion

7. Do you have promotions this month that you want to shout out about?

I am offering 3 months of shout outs on my page that are marked down from $75 to $45    for 3 months!

8. If you could contact you ten years ago, what would you tell yourself?

If you can’t afford to pay cash, don’t buy it. The debt is not worth it!

9. For the fun of SCARE MONTH, what is your favorite harvest food?

Pumpkin, I love pumpkin! I’m quite addicted to the Pumpkin Spice Latte from         Starbucks right now!    (note from Terri— me toooooo)

10. And for more fun, what is your favorite memory when you were a kid and trick or treating?

I  loved dressing up, I guess that was and is the DIVA in me! I love dressing up for anything!

Did you see her AWESOME DEAL on Advertising!!! She’s very effective and an awesome networker….. Find her on Facebook!!!! Thanks for joining the newest DIVA and her interview. I will contact her and get alllll of her sites so YOU can find her. Thanks for stopping by!!!!

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Thank you!

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