I took a gig as a journalist…

Good morning,

I took a gig as a journalist. I’ve been wearing the skin of a different animal all week. I kinda like it. It is just another side to what I am doing. I’ve been doing the writing for Examiner.com in the gardening section. Its right up my alley. Although, getting fresh pictures has been a challenge for me. I always want the fresh vegetable or the fresh fruit displayed on the page… they are not ready yet. Season has only just begun for us here. Bummer…. But that hasn’t stopped me. I keep doing some pretty good work. Check me out. Here’s one of the articles.  http://www.examiner.com/article/the-challenges-of-gardening-the-midwest?cid=rss   Don’t forget to like the page and a subscription is free. At least when I clicked on it to check….. I didn’t get any credit card monkey shoved on me. So, take a leap of faith that I MIGHT be able to entertain you or educate you. I strive to do one of the two for the day.  You have a great weekend… I have Little League to get to.

–Terri Louise

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Just a second please…. just another second.

In another moment, I will doze off. I didn’t watch any programs tonight. I silenced everything. I let my mind tune down and rest. I need to hear the frogs from our pond below the hill. I have to hear the crickets sing to lull my senses into a brief moment of total stillness. The evening breeze has cooled from the 95 degree temperature we had today and the hustle and bustle of the big city I had to travel to all day long. I have no orders to worry about tonight. I know my kids are safe and happy and well. All of the family is where they belong tonight and Max is asleep at the end of the bed. Traffic on the highway I live near is dwindling and I am becoming senseless and unaware. I do believe that I have gotten the mind clearing rest that I have needed for so long.

Good night my friends.

See my new gig on Examiner.com as one of their new journalists…. teee heee…


I am part of the gardening section.

Terri Louise


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Good morning everyone!

What a wonderful day! The rain boomed away the dust on things last night and I wake to  bright sunshine and another day. I think today will be the last of the house cleaning duties this week. Well… except for dishes and laundry. I have been trying to catch up from the last two weeks of Little League and writing and hoping for work. And the conclusion was an unkept house, dishes not done and me staring at an empty dresser. So… I have taken the last three days and gotten caught up.

It has warmed up considerably here in the mountains and today needs to be the day to transplant the corn I have been growing. They are almost three feet tall and the garden has lots of open space for them. I found some manure and my taters are going to have a home as well. They have been eyeing their way to my ceiling the last couple of weeks and I think the great outdoors needs to meet them.

I have got to go threw my seed and see what I need. I think most everything has been depleted. Time to shop! This years crop so far is: Onions of red and yellow, potatoes, Pumpkins (currently germinating in the garden from the pumpkin I through in there in march), lettuce, radishes, and I must have beets this year. I have discovered my body needs them for energy. Let’s see… ummm…. corn and peppers and I think some cantaloupe would be nice. We have to grow cucumbers. I need to make more pickles. I make one mean bunch of pickles– from dill to sweet to …OMG yummy bread and butter. I make them crunchy… this year I will remember the onions and peppers… and don’t tell mom– I plan on growing my own zucchini this year. Last year she grew 26 plants. All open windows were in danger of a zucchini drive by. (and I did it a lot!!!) But I would like to have my own to watch grow. I find them fun to watch. Even after the 9,000th bag to freeze is done… LOL!!!

So… you enjoy this day. I certainly will!!

Terr Louise

Oh.. don’t forget the New release of Neale McGregor. She’s waiting for you to check her out. Who likes the cover art???? http://www.amazon.com/Neale-McGregor-ebook/dp/B00BQS94WK/ref=sr_1_9?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1368109195&sr=1-9&keywords=terri+louise

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No time for the wicked…

I fear I haven’t had the chance to blog. I have been riding, and writing and making flyers and menu’s and taking care of my son. Somewhere in there, I forgot to come here and blog. My goodness. I am so sorry.

Spring has sprung here and we are preparing to raise our beds and maybe make some greenhouses. My best friend has finished her remodel (RE-saving) of her home and is preparing to do the same to the other side of it. So, with that filled with Little league…. I haven’t had time to say ‘BOO’. So… BOO! And now, I am going to go look for Tulips because the sun is up and they are out. I haven’t had time to look at my Garden. I think I should.


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And a….

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my Irish Friends. Whether you have the heritage or not.

luck of the Irish-page1

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Let it…

speak for itself.  A five star review I got on ‘Coffee of Change’. That made my day…. right after Facebook grounded me. What am I? 2


This a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It flows well and is an easy read. You get wrapped up in the characters and want to know more about them. They way they meet and instantly click is sweet and gives hope that mankind is good and able to care about others even if they  have never met in person. These ladies prove that friends can be found in the oddest places!”

Thanks for reading!!!!

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Neale McGregor on the lose!

Neale McGregor book cover number 4Friendly, Spicy, take no prisoners Neale McGregor is on the open Market. If you haven’t already heard me shouting from the porch…. Here she is. She’s available on Barnes and Noble… http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/neale-mcgregor-terri-louise/1114793104?ean=2940016266473

Or if you have a Kindle…… Amazon.    http://www.amazon.com/Neale-McGregor-ebook/dp/B00BQS94WK/ref=sr_1_4?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1362887254&sr=1-4&keywords=Terri+Louise

And if you have the other devices and like Smashwords;  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/293246

So many options… I do hope you have a chance to read it. I completely loved writing it. I had a blast.

Neale McGregor is a Female detective living in Boise, Idaho. She starts a job for a friend and very quickly discovers she is in the middle of a murder mystery tied to a diamond smuggling ring. Can she get all the pieces to fit before they catch her? What does a Teddy Bear have to do with the mystery? Follow McGregor as she fights for her life and her sanity to solve the case of a life time.

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I will never be….

Their customer again!

Ok Directv, you have darkened my door for the last time. NOT only did you over charge for what I was getting, but now, when I least suspect it, you sneak into my checking account and STEAL $217.00 from me when I can’t afford to have it taken. Don’t ever think you will do business with me ever again, even after a 22 year relationship. Netflix will do me just fine!!!! Hide behind bullshit customer service reps. that can’t help and send me on to the tenth person. I will NEVER be your customer again. sincerely, PEEVED OFF Customer!!!!!!

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Neale McGregor excerpt……

The copy below is an excerpt from the up and coming Neale McGregor and is copyrighted. Please read and enjoy. Stealing is not permitted and punishable by law.


“What is your husband’s NORMAL schedule?”

“Well, he gets up at seven, leaves after breakfast at eight and goes to his office until five…. Unless there’s some sort of emergency. But normally, he’s home by six and we have dinner and decide what to do with the evening.”

“Ok, Pretty much a predictable life. Right?” Bella shook her head agreeing with me. George was a very steady man and even I was confused with his actions. “Have you confronted him?” I asked….. Not really expecting her to answer in the affirmative.

“NO!” She looked horrified.

“WHY?” I was curious.

“He’s such a creature of habit and he’s never mistreated me. He’s never even yelled at me. I just am afraid someone is taking advantage of him. I guess I want to save him.” Her face crinkled up and she rubbed her chin. “He just is not this sort of man. I am aghast and mortified. I can’t even begin to think of him as a cheater. He is everything to me.” The tears were coming again and she shook like Santa at Christmas…. All jelly. Poor thing. I took another snot rag out of the box and gently rubbed her shoulders as she shook. When she came up for more air, I took advantage and we finished the questions from the paperwork. She wrote a check and laid it on the desk. I didn’t look and she hugged me before she departed. “I will be gentle and I will find out what is going on my friend. I promise.”

She left shaking her head and I calmly sat on my desk and watched her retreat to her car on the street. Bella pulled away in her Pink Cadillac. I remembered the day she earned that car. She called me screaming that her team and she had earned the Cadillac. She had promptly driven it from the dealer to my office and we had jumped up and down on the street, and then, she sold me some more skin care. I loved that woman and I would not let her down. Even if I had to buy Miracle sets until the day I died.

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The Little Book that could….

Before I went into surgery last fall, I wrote a small maintenance book for women that have little to NO knowledge on car maintenance. Designed SOULLLLLY to help those in need of finding the dipstick or checking fluids. And this week, that book jumped to the top 100 of the Automotive books. I was number 84 yesterday and number 93 today. I think that’s pretty good myself. So, spread the word….. in spite of the hater I got for a reviewist. I know my info. is accurate. I have done most of the work on my vehicles for years, because I had to. I could not afford a mechanic. So, take a gander and spread the word. http://www.amazon.com/Grader-Simple-Steps-Maintenance-ebook/dp/B008LI6SNQ/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_1

grader gals simple guide to car maintenance

Its a fun book and it helps keep the car costs down. If you need more in depth detail about your car, come here and ask. I’ll help you. I just Skyped with my daughter and helped her fix a leak in her Subaru. I’m no dummy.

And Don’t forget, Neale McGregor comes out soon.

–Terri Louise

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