Rid yourself of Pests— Naturally!

MICE– Mice are not fond of Peppermint oil. Simply pour some on a cotton ball and place it in the area you need them out of. They evacuate and do not return. I have heard they are allergic to it…. Not sure about that… but it works!

Spiders– Mix white vinegar and coconut oil together and put in a sprayer. Spray where you are having bug issues and see how it performs. And it shouldn’t stink too bad… smells like pickles… hahahaha.

Mites–Not my favorite bug. If they get into your hair… coat it with Olive oil or any household cooking oil you have. They don’t have a chance. Same for your animals. Don’t coat them…. just some drops on their backs. It will flow over their bodies and not harm them. If you have these buggers in your hair, your pillows need washed in 150 degree water and hotter and you need to put vinyl covers on them as well as your mattresses. These are NOT easy to get out of there. See my pamphlet I published on Amazon for .99 cents and SAVE YOUR SANITY as well as your house. They move fast, they infest everything and they cause a lot of suffering. But know…… I can save you a lot of fear, suffering and loss of furniture.  http://www.amazon.com/Killing-yourself-crawlies-talking-ebook/dp/B007HUK1NW/ref=la_B007IA789Q_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1350926048&sr=1-5

Lice– They have become rather persistent— If the over the counter products are not working…. try these:  Olive oil, leave in over night(in your hair) after you have put a vinyl cover over the pillow until these are taken care of. If that does not work or you have none– Mayonnaise. Wear a cap and use those nit combs to remove the eggs. It may take a few uses…. but won’t harm you or the kids. If they eat it…. well…. they will just taste good for a few days. Good Luck!!!

–Terri Louise

PS… Don’t be shy about putting down your experiences and cures or helpful hints. It helps other folks out and keeps the home cures going.


Thank you!

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